Hello again, hope all is good. Today we will discuss one of the biggest obstacles we are facing during this project. As you might know if you have read some of our earlier posts, there are a lot of different bee species in the world. In Sweden we have about 250 species of wild bees. To identify all you need a species key. A species key helps to step by step identify and separate different species from each other and even though bees are an important group there are no key or book covering all swedish bees. So from early November we have researched and looked for good literature which could aid us in identify all of the species we will see this summer. In January we bought our first books, Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland by S. Falk and Taschenlexikon der Wildbienen Mitteleuropas by E. Scheul and W. Willner. Together they include all Swedish species. However only Falks book has a key to families and species, and even though it will be useful, some swedish species are not included in this book. Luckily for us we got in contact with a fiends friend, who has done an amazing work gathering facts of almost all swedish bees, which he was kind enough to share with us. This was a wonderful addition to the two books we bought, but still we do not have a complete key. However, thanks to bees groups on Facebook we have been able to locate keys to individual families and now we finally have all the literature we need to identify practically all swedish species.